Light Up Your Night

The planet now has 1 terawatt of solar panels installed, producing more than a petawatt of energy! In a world where technology is racing forward, we believe that it is possible to keep up without being dragged down financially by someone convinced that they will make all their money off your single purchase. We welcome you to compare our pricing against what you can get elsewhere.

We have a team that is able to help with design, and we handle everything for you—the international order, the import, the clearance, and the delivery. We partner with a licensed Papua New Guinean company to provide installation and commissioning as well. We dare you to find an easier way to light up your world.

Whether your project is 5kW for your house, or 5MW for a solar farm, contact us today for our Certified Solar Energy Systems Design team to start on your project.

Our Mission


Make it easy for you

We simplify the process, handling all procurement and import on your behalf.


Bring modern technology into our daily lives

We research the latest upgrades in technology to bring more informed options to our clients.


Raise awareness about environmental stewardship

We believe that taking care of our surroundings is part of our job in this lifetime.


PNG Solar Supply is a SunSynk Authorized Distributor

We are also able to source other brands according to your needs.

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